Oklahoma School of Welding

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes available


                Training an individual to become proficient in many areas of the welding field.  The course is designed so welders will be able to work and be successful in several different areas of welding such as construction, pipeline, shop manufacturing, marine welding and fabrication.  A student may choose to focus more on one area than others depending on the student’s goals and capabilities.

Course Outline:

 Upon completion of the master welder course, a student shall be able to make a choice of either Pipeline welding (which is almost entirely SMAW stick welding (downhill), Plant Construction Welding (which consists of mainly SMAW stick welding and GMAW Tig Welding), or Manufacturing (shop) Welding (which could consist of SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, GTAW, GTAW H.F. Welding or GTAW Stainless Steel.

This program prepares students for journeyman level careers for the positions of Pipeline welder, Combination Pipe Welder, Structural Welder, Shipwelder, offshore welder and Combination Welder/Fitter, which a student shall be able to find employment in or at pipelines, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, paper plants food processing plants, shipyards, tank farms, drilling rigs or offshore production.       

This course is competency based, student’s progress in the program at their own individual pace and will be tested after each task completion per ASME Code Standards.  Students must complete 750 hours and maintain passing grades in this course to receive diploma and be tested for their welder performance qualification certification.  If a student does not complete the 750 or maintain passing grades they will receive neither diploma nor certification.

Welding Processes:

SMAW uphill and downhill         (stick)

GTAW carbon and stainless         (tig/heliarc)

GTAW HF ALUMINUM                (high frequency tig)

GMAW                                               (mig)

FCAW                                                (flux-core)

Course Subjects:

Intro to Welding

Structural Welding I

Structural Welding II

Mig and Flux-Core Structural Welding

Pipe Welding I

Pipe Welding II

Advanced Pipe Welding

Pipeline Welding

Employment Training

Course Length:      750 Hours (7 1/2 Months)
Weeks:                      30 Weeks

Tuition:                     $ 15,600.00
Registration Fee:   $       100.00
Lab Fee:                     $  2,700.00
Books:                        $          0.00
Gear Package           $       600.00    
Total                            $   19,000.00

                            MASTER WELDER