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                Training an individual to become a professional pipeline welder.  The course is designed so welders will be able to work and be successful in the pipeline industry.

Course Outline:

                Upon completion of the pipeline welder course, a student shall be able to enter the pipeline welding field at a journeyman level position.  The course covers all pipeline welding and fabrication phases.  Butt welding; branch welding, hot taps, Tie-in welds and extensive fabrication training used in pipeline welding. And shall be able to find employment on/at pipelines, compressor stations, amine plants or fabrication yards.  This course is competency based, student’s progress in the program at their own individual pace and will be tested after each task completion per AMSE Code Standards and API 1104 Code Standards, students must complete 500 hours and maintain passing grades in this course to receive a diploma and be tested for welder performance qualification certification.  If a student does not complete the 500 hours or maintain passing grades they will receive neither diploma nor certification.


Welding Processes:

SMAW Downhill          (stick)

SMAW Uphill               (stick)

Course Subjects:

Intro to Welding

Structural Welding I

Structural Welding II

Pipe Welding I

Pipe Welding II

Employment Training

Course Length:      500 Hours (5 Months)
Weeks:                      20 Weeks

Tuition:                     $ 11,500.00
Registration Fee:   $       100.00
Lab Fee:                     $  2,500.00
Books:                        $          0.00
Gear Package           $       400.00    
Total                            $   14,500.00

Pipeline Welder